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All in the Details

Details magazine, a publication of the Conde Nast corporation, selected Newsom’s Ham for the March 2008 food page in the magazine's know+tell section.

Writer J.J. Goode focused on the topic of Country Ham.

This is what he had to say: When long-awaited (and ridiculously expensive) Iberico ham finally made the trip from Spain to the United States last December after a shift in USDA regulations, many gourmands just shrugged and turned back to a domestic pork-related obsession: country ham.

Chefs in New York, Atlanta and elsewhere are taking the down-home classic -- in the South, it's traditionally pan-fried and served with eggs and biscuits -- and putting it into salads alongside grilled figs, or laying thin strips of it on plates like prosciutto. Artisanal country ham, like the kind made by Newsom's (go to to order), has a complex, musty flavor -- the result of eing cured, smoked and aged -- that makes it worthy of exaltation. And it won't cost more than the china you serve it on.

The article also lists a recipe for Redeye Gravy, includes a photo of an aged Newsom's ham with a large chunk carved off and lists restaurants in Atlanta, San Diego and New York where ham is the focal point of recipes that include eggs Benedict with ham flavored grits, squash salad and ham laced with a flavorful rim of fat and served on crispy bread with coffee-spiked mayonnaise.