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Ham Seasoning (Mini-Hocks, Chunks, Skins)

Nothing better on cold days than hot soups...but no better soup than that seasoned with Newsom's Aged Country Ham.

Camp style cooking ... Mini-hocks if you're cooking kettle style ... will season up those soup beans.

Just imagine Newsom's aged ham flavor in your stock pot ... greens and beans have never had it so good!

Whether you are a camp style cook or grew up in Grandma's kitchen, Newsom's seasonings can fit the recipe just right.

Freeze for a handy stock pot addition.

Country Ham Seasoning Chunks 1 pound$4.49
Country Ham Seasoning Chunks 3 pounds$12.29
Country Ham Seasoning Chunks 5 pounds$19.49
Country Ham Seasoning SkinsAll those Newsom flavors for seasoning your greens or try your hand at Cracklin' and Pork Rind recipes

1 pound$1.99
Mini- HocksMini-hocks uncooked will be shipped 3 per package.

3 per pack$11.99
Ground BBQ Ham 1 pound package$10.99
BBQ Ham Chunks 1 pound package$3.99