Nancy's Notes

As I updated all of the records in our mail order files this year, I could not help but notice just how many states are represented and how many multiple times you have ordered from us supporting our cause -- to keep alive a heritage product and service. It is only because of your patronage that the Newsom's Family Business celebrates the 100th Anniversary of same family, same service -- founded January 1st, 2017.

It is through your faithfulness to us that we are able to accomplish this milestone. To all of you, we are most grateful.

In celebration of this accomplishment together, I hope that you will enjoy our Colonel Newsom's Aged Ham, Smoky BBQ Preacher Ham, Prosciutto and other products -- knowing that you ARE a part of our success and family!

With personalized and service-oriented ways, it is our honor to serve you.

These characteristics are a feature that smaller businesses possess in order to survive. The customer is not lost in the shuffle of huge, corporate-commercialized operations. The Newsom family has always felt the direct importance of personalized, down home service -- you have a name -- not just a number. We pray that you always feel that we "care" about your orders, your service and your dining experience with our products. We understand that most folks like to put a face or voice with the business.


1. No Sodium Nitrates or Nitrites are used in our process.

2. All Natural Methods are used, including an Ambient Weather Aging Process. -- As our forefathers always knew -- and before fast production of mass curing was performed, the natural weather seasons and outdoor environment create a phenomenal flavor for aged hams.

3. More complex layers of aged flavor are enjoyed as the ham expands and contracts with our natural weather seasons. Our hams will finally shrink (more than most artificial processes) in weight, the holding the complex flavors inside the ham.

4. Early Primitive Smoking Methods are used to bathe our beautiful relics -- hams -- for succulent flavor and a mahogany finish. 1800s to early 1900s iron kettles are used to product the hickory smoke permeating the smokehouse with mystical primitive essence of that old tradition. There is no machine smoke nor pumping smoke into our aging house. The method is of old -- as if the early American pioneer stepped back from the past.

5. Mass Production is Not Our Forte. All Col. Bill Newsom's Aged Hams are limited in number. Aged Ham Production with Kentucky climates prohibits the curing of huge volumes of aged hams due to succession of the seasons. We strive at Newsom's Hams to give you only the best -- tried and true from generations past and yet today because we are dedicated to you and to our heritage.

So, in closing, many thanks to you -- our friends and loyal customers for our journey 100 years ago to the present.

Sincerely, Nancy, The Ham Lady -- "Preservationist"