Newsom's Fruit Cobbler in a Jar . . . One of Nancy's Favorites

For the dinner table or special picnic outing, this dessert will be a treat that they remember. When you can't serve your own special cobbler fruit pie, Newsom's Cobbler in a Jar will have your family asking "Are you sure, you didn't cook it?"

This fruit Cobbler in a Jar carries with it all the traditional taste of a country table.

Ready to serve, this complete cobbler, cooked pastry included, is offered in four favorite flavors -- Peach, Blackberry, Apple and Cherry.

Please mix and match with your choice of other Newsom's products - smoked bacon, smoked sausage, preserves, dressings, etc. -- for a MINIMUM SHIPPING ORDER of $29.95 per address please.

Our personalized gift card may always be enclosed.

Peach Cobbler 17 oz. Jar$7.99
Blackberry Cobbler 17 oz. Jar$7.99
Apple Cobbler 17 oz. Jar$7.99
Cherry Cobbler 17 oz. Jar$7.99