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Molasses . . .
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Newsom's Own
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from a
Horsedrawn Mill...

Milling of sorghum cane by horsedrawn means is a very enjoyable, unique sight to see. It's as unique as the flavor of true Kentucky Sorghum. By teaspoonful on hot biscuits or BILL's WAY (See our recipe page.), it is sure to be enjoyed. For as long as the Colonel's Daughter can remember, her father was seen with a pool of sorghum on his plate, mixing intently with softened margarine (or butter) until consistent. Then he would sop it up and eat with such sweet pleasure.

There is much more to country cooking and sorghum than often meets the eye. A customer and friend uses our sorghum for cookies--a batch is pictured here. See the recipe page for these Newsom's Old Mill Store Molasses Cookies.

To ensure the best quality that we can find, each fall, we head directly to the Amish sorghum mill for a fresh load of this country table favorite. (See the Newsom's Picture Gallery section for the story "Sorghum by Horsepower.")

Our personalized gift card may always be enclosed.

Sorghum Molasses Per Pint$12.99
Sorghum Molasses Per Quart$16.99