Col. Bill Newsom's Aged Kentucky Country Ham
Naturally Aged - An Authentic Process
(None of our hams are mass-produced by commercial means.)

Naturally cured Aged Kentucky Country Ham is processed by hand, our own, and hangs in the smokehouse for nearly one year before it's offered to our customers. Sold by the pound, available as an uncooked or cooked product, the ham can be purchased from our store only and shipped to the destination of your choice. PLEASE NOTE: While our aged hams are all smoked, that is not a process that cooks them; the smoke adds a bit of flavor during the cure.

All the Colonel Newsom's Aged Kentucky Country Hams are cured in limited number to assure the genuine flavor of such a lost art. No ham is sold before its time! Because our hams are limited in number with each crop, each whole ham has a numbered certificate to authenticate the product and denote the originality of the Newsom's process.

Every ham receives that same hand-crafted care that drew the attention of the late James Beard and the World Congress of Jamon in Spain.

SEE OUR RECIPE PAGE to entice your appetite and answer questions pertaining to cooking methods.

... Our personalized gift card may always be enclosed.

... Shipping materials include Recipe Folder and Newsom family recipe Cooking Instructions.

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Please make certain that all shipping addresses are complete and as accurate as possible. We cannot be responsible for a perishable product delivered to incorrectly furnished addresses.

DEAR CUSTOMER: Hams will be sent at the weights offered below as available. Occasionally substitutions will be made of a slightly smaller or larger ham and the price will be adjusted accordingly.


Col Newsom's Aged Kentucky Country Ham This ham is 11 months old in November and is uncooked. If you would like to order for shipment at a different time, please leave note in the comment section.

Half Ham... 7-9 pounds (Uncooked)$79.99
Col. Newsom's Aged Country Ham SlicesCountry ham center cut or large breakfast slices may vary in thickness from appx. 3/16 to 1/4 inch. Six ham slices will weigh approximately 3 to 4 pounds.

6 slices per order$54.99