Click to enlargeCivil War Cookin',
Stories, 'n Such
by Darlene Funkhouser

Civil War Cookin', Stories, 'n Such containse one hundred twenty-nine recipes used by the troops in the field.

It was the War of Brother Against Brother. . . The Civil War, or the War Between the Staes as the C.S.A. knew it, cost the lives of more men than any other war in america's history -- 620,000 men died. Not all were killed in battle; diseases -- measles, pneumonia, bronchitis, dysentery -- killed twice as many soldiers as battle.

In border states Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri and West Virginia, loyalties were heatedly divided. Maryland was forced to stay in the Union -- Lincoln could not afford to have the U.S. capital in the midst of the Confederacy. West Virginia became a border state halfway through the war when the western ounties of Virginia sympathized with the Union and broke away. Virginia was the site of the most Civil War battles, and also held the most slaves.

Border states had soldiers who fought for either side, often pitting brother against brother.

The Civil War created many hardships for soldiers, not the least of which was not having enough good food. Men had to scrounge for food, and preparing it wometimes was a problem. Those guys should have had a copy of Darlene Funkhouser's illustrated book which contains 129 battlefield recipes. These are authentic War Between the States recipes that were used on battlefields, often during combat conditions.