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It has been said that Newsom's ham is part of a vanishing breed -- a family business, traditions of service, quality product, the old-fashioned way -- "a lost art" as writer Matt Kramer put it in Connoisseur magazine 1989. That is who we have been, who we are and who we expect to be.

Newsom's aged ham has its origins in the new world with the Newsom family, which arrived in Jamestown, Virginia, in the 1600s. The way that this ham is cured was recognized then as a treasure and passed along in a family will of the 1700s. It is from that William Newsom of Virginia that Col. Bill and his daughter, Nancy, crafted the traditions of Newsom's aged Kentucky country hams.

Newsom's aging methods and traditions were evolving in a parallell place and time with our counterparts in Spain, France and Italy --- the regions of prosciutto, jambon, jamon, serrano....

As Newsom's has nurtured our craft and traditions -- there are among us the farmers who have nurtured the land and livestock, their heritage -- preserving their own vanishing breed and breeds.

In this place and time, the ham curer -- the hammaker's daughter of Peter Kaminsky's Pig Perfect -- and heirloom pork producers have come together for this year's -- and it is our hope that it will be a long association -- free-range experience.

A journey of centuries....a true Slow Food experience . . .

Handled by hand every step of the way in the Newsom's cure, fully aged in our smokehouse, growth hormone and antibiotic free, our Free Range Country Ham is VERY VERY limited in number. Orders are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

The hams which are 18 months old as of June are offered at $12.99 per pound.

Sold uncooked only, so the process of farm to table is actually completed in your home kitchen.....

This free-range ham is some of the finest pork produced in America today.

DEAR CUSTOMER: Hams will be sent at the weight offered below as available. Substitutions may be made of a smaller or larger ham and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Col. Newsom's Free-Range Naturally Aged Country Hams 18-19 pounds$246.81
Col. Newsom's Free-Range Naturally Aged Country Hams 19-20 pounds$259.80