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Free Range Prosciutto ... 40 Months

Once again Newsom’s Aged Hams has something very special to offer. It is 40-month-old All-American Free Range Prosciutto. (From our 2018 curing crop, started in January that year.)

This prosciutto is offered sliced in half pound (8 oz.) packages.

Imagine it … Newsom’s Age-Old Nitrate-Free Cure, hams from heirloom rare breed free-range hogs, 38 months of weather aging in the rich Kentucky climate.

Growth hormone and antibiotic free pork from heirloom, heritage breeds raised on family farms. No nitrites or nitrates added in the cure.

A once-in-a-lifetime offering from Nancy, the Ham Lady, in Princeton, Kentucky.

Free Range Prosciutto

8 oz. package (sliced)$39.99