Hickory Smoked Country Bacon

Our bacon is hickory smoked for that country flavor of days gone by on your breakfast table. Also used in favorite recipes or for seasoning. Sold in slab or sliced.

What better way to taste the flavor of country smoked bacon than on a summer BLT with vine ripe tomatoes, or wrapped around your favorite meat for grilling "John's Way". Grandson of the Colonel, John used his versatility with cooking, expanding it to grilling methods of flavoring meats. Newsom's Country bacon is a great flavor enhancer, while adding to the tenderness of meats often too lean for open fire grilling.

Our customers tell us that one of the food choices they have come to enjoy while following the ATKINS DIET is our hickory smoked country bacon.

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Hickory Smoked Country Bacon 1 lb. sliced$14.99
Hickory Smoked Bacon 2 lb. slab$31.98
Hickory Smoked Bacon 3 lb. Slab$47.97