Newsom's Dry Aged Whole Prosciutto

Whole hams, bone-in are salted to the specification of our family recipe dating to the 1770s. Each ham is hand rubbed extensively to ensure the salt cure. We do not use any sodium nitrate or nitrate, so the beautiful wine color that you see on the finished product is created by natural weather color and not a bright color that nitrates and nitrites give to each ham.

Our process begins in the coldest part of the year, just as our forefathers in the late 1600s performed -- to have meat that did not require refrigeration upon completion of the whole process.

After the hams go to the hanging house, they are bathed as from the smoke of an 1800s era iron kettle. Our hams are smoked as are the speck hams of Northern Italy and Northern Spain. The smoke adds subtle flavor and preserves the hanging meat.

As our prosciutto hams hang in the smokehouse, air is passed over and over them from the outdoor weather, no matter what the weather is.

The prosciuttos are hung in the attic, moved around like aging whiskey. Our whole prosciutto hams have dry aged to achieve a shrinkage of almost 40 percent.

This is our way and offered now whole and bone-in to save all the flavor.

Newsom's Dry Aged Whole Prosciutto Ham, at $12.99 per pound, is an exclusive offering, only available through our retail store or our website.

Our whole prosciutto hams are now 20 months old.

PLEASE NOTE: Size may be adjusted with availability and price will be adjusted accordingly.

Newsom's Prosciutto Whole Bone-in .. 20 months 13-14 pounds
Newsom's Prosciutto Whole, Bone-in .. 20 months 12-13 pounds