Click to enlargeNewsom's Full Leg Carving Ham

In 2007, I decided that I would do an exclusive, limited in number, Pasture Raised Aged Ham with full leg and hoof on -- appropriate for a carving display.

Carving such a ham by hand is viewed as nearly a ritual. In Spain ALL of the Aged Hams -- Serranos, Ibericos and the such -- are sliced and enjoyed in this manner... It is from the carving stands that those delectable, burgundy, thin slices appear and the scent is that of Heaven.

It would be 2010 before I could convince my meat producers to leave the leg full and the hoof on. Since then, every other year, my thoughts turn to the "full leg" ham of old, and my ritual ... our curing of them ... begins again.

The last curing of our Newsom Highlands Full Leg Ham sold out before it could be offered on our website. This exclusive is a limited in number relic...recalling those historical ambient weather curing methods.

I hope you enjoy my special offering of this truly astounding porcine pleasure. There are only 19 available. Only 55 were cured and are offered now to you -- our customer of true connoisseur ham tasting.

Sincerest Best Wishes Always! The Ham Lady, Nancy

These pasture-raised hams are now 26 months old.

Newsom's Full Leg Carving Ham 20-21 pounds
Newsom's Full Leg Carving Ham 21-22 pounds
Newsom's Full Leg Carving Ham 22-23 pounds