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Col. Bill Newsom's Premium Aged Country Ham

Limited in number, Hams of Premium Age are available now at 24-months-old and are offered at $7.99 per pound.

A preferred stock for those of European descent or lovers of the ole' time premium aged ham from long ago. Each ham is treated in our handcrafted process as if it were the only one handled.

Rich, robust flavor extending beyond most aged hams on the market today, due to the colonial methods of strictly weather aging - tested through the centuries of weather changes.

Acquiring a greater shrink in our old fashioned smokehouse, this ham is more like those of our European counterparts.

PLEASE NOTE: When cooking a Premium Aged Col. Newsom's Country Ham, we recommend that you soak two days, changing the water after each day. The boiling method can give the best results for cooking this premium aged offering as maximum water loss had been obtained.

DEAR CUSTOMER: Hams will be sent at the weights offered below as available. Occasionally substitutions will be made of a slightly smaller or larger ham and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Contact Us by phone at 270-365-2482 or email at for additional information...

PREMIUM AGED Col Newsom's Aged Kentucky Country Ham 24 months Half Ham 6-8 pounds$79.99