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Newsom's Old Mill Store
The Old Country Store

Looking for something unique. Our store is full of old favorites. Occasionally, we are noted for being a little old-fashioned in a hi tech world… Well, we're actually a lot old-fashioned… Our store reflects it.

Biscuit, pancake, Kentucky cookie mixes

Kittawa Sprangs, Kentucky, Dippin' Sauce

Sweet Pickled Peaches

Mulled Cider Mix

Watermelon Rind Pickles

Coarse Ground Grits (White)

Pancake Syrups

Horehound, Lemon, Root Beer Candy Drops

Sassafras and Cinnamon Orange Loose Teas

Neco Wafers, Cowtails, Sorghum Suckers

Black Jack, Beeman's, Clove and Fruit Stripe Gum

Country Store on Main Street