Our Customers

The sentiments of a tome made popular by the decades old Fuller Brush Company sales principles are just as true as generation after generation passes for all those merchants who serve the public.

Because the Customer has a need, we have a job to do. Because the customer has influence, we have the hope of more customers. Because of the customer, we exist.

That is one of those old-fashioned notions that Nancy and her team work to fulfill each day at Newsom's.

Nancy Newsom Mahaffey is the third generation in her family of retail merchants. Newsom's is a business built on the traditions of highest quality products and service to the public. It was so with H.C. Newsom, it was so with Bill Newsom and it is an integral part today of the curing operation, retail store and mail order business that has evolved with Nancy Newsom Mahaffey.

This family of merchants serving the public started into business in their own right with the H.C. Newsom store in January 1917. Hosea had worked for others and in a partnership with another man before striking out on his own. Bill took on the store when his father died and Nancy accepted the mission to rebuild the business after a fire destroyed the family's full service grocery store.

A weathered, aging certificate presented to Bill by the local Rotary Club in 1956 echoes those family principles of service. It is has always held a prominent place in the business plan for Newsom's.

That document states, in part, To value success in my vocation as a worthy ambition when achieved as a result of service to society; but to accept no profit nor distinction which arises from unfair advantage, abuse of privilege or betrayal of trust. To recognize that any sound transaction must be governed by practices which bring satisfaction to all parties concerned and to esteem it a privilege, in my profession or business to serve beyond the strict measure of duty or obligation. ...

"It is our customers who confirm that we are giving that service which has long been our goal in business," says Nancy. "We are so grateful that they express their satisfaction to us in the many comments that they share."