My Old Kentucky Ham… The New York Times 2010
Nancy's Notes
New York Magazine 2005 Holiday Food Guide
New York Magazine features The Egg and Newsom's 2005
New York Times 05 The Egg and Newsom's Ham
Newsom's Aged Kentucky Country at Premium Age
Newsom's Amish Kettle Style Preserves
Newsom's Dry Aged Whole Prosciutto
Newsom's Gourmet BBQ "Preacher" Ham
Newsom's Ham is a hit at WCR Conference ... 2004 NCH
Newsom's invited to 5th World Congress of Dry Cured Hams ... May 2009
Newsom's Old Mill Store
Newsom's Passes Century Mark
Newsom's Picture Gallery
Newsom's Prosciutto Ham...America's Finest Artisan Cure
Newsom's Sweet Shop
Newsom's Vidalia Onion and Peppercorn Dressing
Newsom’s traditions find a fit at World Ham Congress ... July 2009
NY Times looks at Country Ham and Prosciutto ... 2003
Our Customer
Our Customers
Pig Perfect by Peter Kaminsky 2005
Preserves, Relish, Pickled Vegetables
Pride of Princeton ... the country’s choice for ham ... Louisville Magazine 2009
Pulled "Cream" Candy
Race for the Cured ... Rare Prosciutto NY Times Magazine ... 2007
Recipes, Menu Planner
Relishes...Gourmet, Country Style or Kettle Cooked
Remembering 911 on Main Street, downtown Princeton

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